President Trump

Donald J. Trump has emboldened the far right, which has always existed but remained silent due to fear of association with the label of racism. Political divides are ripping our nation apart, as we face massive debt crisis, an overinflated stock market and racial tensions not seen since the civil rights movement. However, is President Trump to blame, no Donald Trump was the fuse which ignited the political, racial and economic bomb that has only loomed in the horizon.

Our nation now faces a 20 trillion dollar debt, a mounting deficit that President Trump promised to reduce. Now we are 8 months into a candidacy with low unemployment and more consumer spending, yet the debt continues to climb. President Trump has talked budget reform but in the coming days congress is once more set to raise the debt limit to keep the government pumping.

Our stock market is at an all time high with investor confidence in President Trump showing no signs of slowing. However, President Trump has given investors and corporate America hope with the promise of Tax Reform. Yes our tax system is broken and taxes the rich higher each day to make up for budget shortfalls of government mismanagement but once more the President has only talked but made no real action on the matter.

Racial tensions have divided and broken our nation after Trumps 2016 election win. Trump is guilty of running a campaign based on race baiting in an attempt to embolden the white America which has felt its leaders have no longer cared for them. The strategy worked, but at a cost of racial divides that have rocked our nation with protests and marches that have led to violence.

President Trump has not fixed our mounting debt or produced a tax reform plan that will help corporate America retain jobs in our country without fear of getting taxed at a high rate. In addition, he has failed to unite the wounds he opened during the 2016 campaign where he promised to be an all encompassing president for all Americans. That is why The Unbiased News ranks Donald J. Trump as all bark and not bite!

By : Daniel Ibarra ( Opinion Piece)